Hello, CASF friends,

One week into our June 2016 Challenge, we have already raised almost $1,500. To those of you who have already given, we thank you! 

If you have not given, we encourage you to take a look at our website and learn more about the compelling area of Svay Rieng in Cambodia. Our students come from an area that is rich in community, but poor in resources. By donating to this challenge, you will bring the world into their villages.

If you are in Cambodia and would like to give to this campaign, you can send $5 or $10 through WING to 017706929.

To see more about the challenge and to donate, click here:

Close the digital Gap

There are still 8 silk Cambodian scarves left! The first 8 people to donate $100 or more will have their pick of these.

   Akun!  Julianna Nielsen  Executive Director



Julianna Nielsen

Executive Director