Our students

CASF students are selected based on need, merit, and motivation. We work closely with communities and our educational coordinators to choose girls who have talent and a strong will to learn, and whose education would be difficult or impossible if not for additional support.

Meta (left) is one of our youngest students, in Grade 9. She lives in Srok Thrum village in Kandal province, and her favorite subject is Khmer literature. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up.



Sophorn and Sokserey (right) are both in Grade 12 in Kandal province.

Sophorn excels at languages: She is the leader of the English club at her school, and studies Chinese and French as well. She wants to be a tour guide in Phnom Penh so she can use her linguistic skills.

Sokserey is #1 in her class of 40. She loves math, and wants to be a math teacher. She is currently taking classes in Khmer, Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, and Astronomy. Sokserey spends a total of nine hours a day in class, and still helps her parents in the rice fields.