What is a Su SU! Club

In Khmer, “Su su!” means, “To work!” or “Study Hard!” A Su su! Club is a group of youth who have joined together to support the education of adolescent girls in Cambodia through communication, advocacy, and fundraising. All events benefit the high school students in the Cambodian Scholarship Foundation programs in Svay Rieng and Kandal provinces, as well as the university students in Phnom Penh.

Clubs can be started by groups in schools or community organizations, and are driven by youth in their activities.


Why do it?

Cambodian girls traditionally drop out of school earlier than Cambodian boys, and face greater challenges and barriers to gaining an education. 

Although schooling is free in Cambodia, associated costs can be prohibitive for the poor. Poor, rural Cambodian girls drop out of school at a higher rate than boys. A 2012 UNDP study showed that 20.6% of Cambodian males had at least a secondary education, as compared to 11% of Cambodian females. This gender gap can be at­tributed to costs (direct and opportunity) and social attitudes:

• Labor by girls is often considered critical to a family’s economic survival, increasing the oppor­tunity costs of educating her.

• Stereotypical attitudes and lack of relevant information can prevent the prioritizing of a girl’s education.

• Most higher education institutions are in major cities like Phnom Penh. 

• Girls have limited access to a safe living space in these cities; this lack prevents many from attaining a higher educa­tion. 

Connection to CASF Students

Each Su su! Club supports students in the CASF program. You can communicate with students through email and Facebook, and we will send you updates on their school progress and lives.



Communication & Advocacy

Su su! Clubs work to promote the rights of girls to an education, globally and in the U.S. When you register as a club, we will send you a packet of information to help you do presentations, show movies and slideshows and hold other events, to help you communicate your passion for girls’ education.


Each Su su! Club is expected to raise the expenses to pay for one CASF student per year. It costs $350 to support a high school student, or $1,500 for a university student, for one year.

Su Su! Club Member Site

If you are already a Su Su! Club, click here to access the Member site.

Register to become a Su su! Club

If you would like to register to become a Su su! Club, please fill out the following form. CASF will send you materials about our programs and a link to a closed Facebook page, which you can use to communicate with our Cambodian students. We will also provide you with a packet of fundraising materials, suggestions, and a Fundraising Challenge page, which you can personalize.

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